IVF treatment success prediction to help more couples

For many women and couples, the decision to use IVF as a fertility treatment is difficult. All things considered, IVF treatment is one of the most expensive options out there. Therefore, the decision can’t be made lightly. If an IVF success rate calculator could accurate predict success, would you use it? And could it help make the decision easier?

IVF success depends on a number of factors. Age, specific infertility issue, and the number of years of infertility before IVF all impact success rates. For example, research shows that age significantly impacts IVF success. However, other factors do, too.

An IVF success rate calculator that’s been tested and found accurate can help women make a choice between IVF and another option. After all, IVF helps tens of thousands of women become pregnant every year, but it doesn’t work for every woman or situation. Until recently, no free, online calculator could help women determine – in advance of seeing a doctor – their personal chances of success.